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Landscaping is an art form encompassing many facets: architecture, construction, and design. This being said, landscaping can present as a complicated endeavor. The primary objective in designing a landscape is creating a "harmonious landscape". For the harmonious landscape to come to fruition, it's important to apply basic landscaping standards to ensure proportionality pertaining to the landscape itself (i.e., creating a natural harmony between the surround nature and modern structures), while ensuring the landscape is useful and functional. There are six main styles when it comes to landscape design: English, Country, Eastern, Natural, Japanese, and Combined. Before embarking on the creative process, it's necessary to begin with one of the aforementioned styles, then begin to dig shortly after. The competent organization the landscape does not conclude with decorating domains and planting flowers, as the design is only considered complete when the outdoor furniture is on the ground, and the yard exudes a sense of peace and tranquility.