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Express Design

Express-Design is a design project that gives you an idea of your future interior, which includes drawings, a list of finishing materials, furniture with the 3-D project (without visualization) used in the project.

This is a new cutting-edge service that is becoming more popular in the field of interior design. The new service outline compatibility between different materials, colors, and provides interior solutions with different styles.

 The Express-Design service is chosen mostly by those who need to receive an offer quickly or require a simple repair.

If you select the Express-Design service, you will receive the following within three to four days:

  • Plan for the premises drawn up based on the BTI plan, or another document provided to you featuring dimension outlines

  • Plans for the redevelopment of the premises featuring the erection and dismantling of partitions and walls

  • Plan options suggesting placement of furniture and equipment

  • A sketch-visualization of the premises (3-D, without photorealistic rendering)

Also express design is the visualization of furniture or some areas at your home.